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Learn about the latest programs offered for youth in Palau, giving you a chance to explore your interest and providing you the time to build your resumé, and exploring horizons all over the country and the world.

Each program varies in eligibility requirements and deadlines as well as applications, so should you need assistance do not hestitate to contact Palau Futures!
Junior Statesmen of America
Stern Civics Immersion Program

Civics Institute Micronesia

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Public Notice

The public is hereby informed that the Bureau of Human Resources (BHR) of the Government of Palau will be soliciting and accepting sealed bids/proposals from interested businesses, qualified individuals, agencies, or institutions to develop a National Repository of Youth and Workforce Development Data with Associated Reports.

This will be a competitively negotiated contract. The services requested will be fully funded by a U.S. federal grant from the Office of Insular Affairs. The specifications along with the evaluation criteria and all other requirements are being prepared and shall be made available on February 15, 2024. The solicitation and bidding periods shall continue for more than 30 days or for a minimum of 15 days as determined by the Procurement Officer. The specifications will also be made available on PalauGov’s website Interested vendors may obtain copies of specifications by contacting Bureau of Human Resources.

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